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Не залажувајте се: никој не може да го измами Господ! Секој човек ќе си го жнее тоа што си го сее! - Галатите 6:7

Како што е напишано во Светото Писмо: „Дарежливиот човек на сиромасите штедро им дава, праведноста негова ќе се памти довека!" Бог, Кој обезбедува семе за сеидба, ќе обезбеди и леб за прехрана. А така ќе ви создаде и многубројни можности да сеете добри дела, па плодовите од вашата праведност ќе бидат обилни. Ќе ве направи богати во се, така што уште поштедро ќе можете да давате. - 2 Коринтјани 9:9-11

Конечно, дел од семето падна на плодна почва каде што изникна, порасна и донесе род: едно стебло роди триесет, друго шеесет, а трето - сто зрна." - Марко 4:8


Pastor Konstantin Kaysharov is a Christian who cares for the souls of the people and aims for them to have faith in Lord Jesus Christ and live with the Word of God. Although he has Masters degree in Kinesitherapy, and is currently finishing his Master studies on Clinical Psychology, he also uses the science with intent to help more people, he witnesses that Lord Jesus Christ is alive...

Personal testimony

Testimony of Pastor Konstantin Kaysharov

I have always believed in Lord Jesus Christ, but I have sinned and I haven't confessed publicly my faith in Him. I was teaching the people about the prayer, and I was still approving the occult practices that they were doing, considering that everybody has a right to choose.

Consultation with Ps Kaysharov

Having master degree in Kinezitherapy and being a student on the master studies of Clinical Psychology, pastor Konstantin Kaysharov is not just researching spheres of the human personality and the physiology of the body, but through the Love of God, he is touching the human soul.


HEALING - Spiritual Counselling
HEALING - Prayer Healing


Healing ministry

  • Healing Ministry - through prayer therapies led by the Holy Spirit for individual or group healings in groups...


Evangelism and preaching ministry

  • Evangelism and Preaching Ministry is implemented through big events, public workshops...


Deliverance ministry

  • Deliverance Ministry - in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ people to be delivered from the occult...


Worship ministry

  • within this ministry the vocal group "Molepstvie" together with Pastor Kaysharov organize...


Institute for revitalization

  • an institution where beside the medicinal physical therapy and psychology people are evangelized...


International Christian Academy

  • production and publishing of music, video and audio materials from Pastor Konstantin Kaysharov as...


Discipleship ministry

  • The Discipleship Ministry has a concrete aim for the clients of the Institute for revitalization as well as...


Club "People on the path"

  • Club "People on the Path" is a association of citizens open for all Christians...